In the event of a dispute arising between the parties in connection with their commercial relations, the parties agree to exhaust all amicable solutions before to bring this dispute before the only competent court, namely the Commercial Court of Bordeaux. French law is applicable. Any claim or dispute regarding the payment of financial benefits, of any kind whatsoever, including rebates, remuneration for services or litigation concerning the year shall not be formulated at the latest in the twelve month following the expiry of the calendar year in respect of which the amount is due. Failing and by express derogation to the provisions referred to in Article L.110-4 of the Commercial Code, no claim or dispute may be presented and will therefore be considered strictly inadmissible.


All advertising media offered free of charge to the customer are and remain the inalienable property of SACO France. They are used exclusively for the promotion of its products and benefit from a site favoring the promotion and the resale of these. Any use of a trademark, logo or visual must be done faithfully vis-à-vis documents provided by SACO France. The customer may not use the marks in a way that would prejudice the mark itself as a distinctive feature or damage and / or detriment to the quality of its image. The customer agrees to immediately inform SACO France of any act of counterfeiting, unfair competition or generally any infringement of the rights of the Company SACO France on the aforementioned elements that come to its knowledge. He undertakes to provide any assistance required to stop this breach.


In case a customer would consider the sale of CESO products on the Internet, he will first request, with CESO a specific approval to do so, in accordance with the procedure described in the CESO Selective Distribution Agreement, in particular the website must respect the image of the products CESO, the board associated with it and preserve all the value related to the technicality of these products. If granted, such approval shall be subject to an amendment to the Contract.


In the framework of the good execution of its contractual obligations and in particular, management of the commercial relation, taking of order, management of the receivables, continuous improvement, optimization of the deliveries, geolocation of the salons of hairdressing and / or end-user shops, SACO France collects and processes the data of its commercial partners (name, address of the hairdressing salon and / or the shop, telephone, email address if necessary ...) and can be brought to the transmit to the service providers to whom it sub-contracts some of its services and in particular the delivery. In accordance with Article 38 of the Freedom of Information Act, you may, for legitimate reasons, oppose the processing of your data by sending your request by post to the address of the registered office (indicated below) or by mail to the following address: For all intents and purposes, SACO France informs the customer that his opposition may lead to malfunctions in the management of his account.


Registered Office: SACO France - 78 rue du Loup - 33000 BORDEAUX Siret 52517877800029 FR 72525178778